Prom Rack

Celebrating 15 Years

Established in 2003, Prom Rack provides free prom attire to high school girls with financial need. But Prom Rack is more than just a dress. It's a powerful personal experience for each young girl who attends. Community volunteers ensure that each girl is pampered in a personal shopping day that not only transforms the girls externally, but in how they feel about themselves. 

Donate Items for PROMRack

Prom Rack welcomes donations of short and long formal dresses in current styles, less than 3 years old, just like you see in the stores.  We especially need small (0-4) and large sizes (16 and higher). 

We also accept evening shoes, handbags and jewelry.  Drop off donations at any Westbank Dry Cleaning or Goodwill location by March 30, 2019.


"Volunteers are the salt of the  earth". 

This is an opportunity to meet some amazing young people and the best volunteers on the plant. 

If you are volunteering for the morning session, please email Brenda Jones, for a required background form.

Dress Drop Off Locations

Prom Rack 2019 - Boutique Day

Saturday, April 6th, 1:30-6:00 pm

Girls MUST be accompanied by an adult and have a school ID and be 14-21. No registration is required but girls are served on a first come, first served basis.



Please review the map for parking at Round Rock High School.